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Social Distance Jump Rope Workout at Home- We're all in this together!

BEST full body jump rope workout at home! #socialdistance Keep it clean at home with this fat burning jump rope workout without ever leaving the house. No doubt we are experiencing some challenging times. I hope this home workout will keep you moving and give you some inspiration

in the mix. ;-) We're all in this together!

This is a 22 minute full body jump rope workout using crossropes weighted jump ropes. It will burn fat and build muscle thanks to the weighted jump ropes and body weight exercise in this calorie burn workout. This workout alternates between jumping rope and body weight exercises.

If you have cross ropes weighted ropes you’re all set as we switch ropes between circuits. If you do not have a weighted jump rope you can still follow along and get a great full body workout. My favorite jump rope to burn fat and tone your body is Crossropes which I’m using in this workout. I’m using the “Get Lean set” which is all you'll ever need and you can purchase it here with my discount code; www.crossropescom/jumpropemom ( for 10% use jumpropemom10 at checkout) This workout is perfect for all levels as you can go at your own pace and intensity.

For best results, do this jump rope workout consistently 3x per week. Skip any of these exercises that do not feel safe for you and instead focus on the ones that you feel are benefitting you the most. As a former competitive Jump Roper and current Fitness Coach, I combine both of my passions to give you the BEST jump rope workouts and tutorials! Be sure to subscribe to my channel so I can keep you jumping into shape. :-)

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