Want to learn how to jump rope but don't know where to start?

This course is designed to teach you at any skill level how to:

  • jump rope with proper from, technique and efficiency 

  • master the top 15 jump rope skills/techniques

  • best drills to lose weight and how to incorporate them into your fitness goals

  • increase your endurance/speed for sports and fitness goals

  • sample jump rope workouts to do anywhere

This online course is divided into 5 phases and will equipped you with all the knowledge of jump rope fundamentals and how to start jumping rope for fitness; including drills, skills and techniques for all levels of fitness.

Jumping Rope not only burns more calories than jogging but also helps with:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Hand- eye coordination
  3. Muscle tone
  4. Increase lung capacity
  5. Improved cognitive function
  6. Keeping your workouts fun and challenging
  7. Portable and makes a great outdoor workout​

Training includes:

  • 3 hours of online content broken down into 5 modules

  • Multiple videos to demonstrate and teach skills/form

  • Print outs off all jump rope skills to teach and explain properly

  • Sample Jump Rope HIIT workouts to use or modify

  • Access to Gratitude Athletics growing jump rope community of other liked minded fitness enthusiasts to ask Q’s, grow and share ideas with each other.


Hi! I’m Karly and stoked to meet you!

I help all backgrounds of jump rope enthusiasts become confident in jumping rope and their bodies.

As former competitive jump roper and current fitness trainer with over 30 years of jumping rope, I coach jump rope in schools, judge for jump rope competitions, and have had over a million views on my IG and YouTube channel for my jump rope workouts and tutorial trainings. 


I’ve mastered how to break down the skills, timing, and make it easy to learn for all levels of fitness and coordination. I’ve helped thousands gain confidence, learn new skills, and transform their fitness all while delivering results.

Come JUMP with me! 



Karly Kent

Founder of Gratitude Ropes &

Creator of Gratitude Athletics Jump Rope Training


About Karly Kent 

AKA Jump Rope Mom

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