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Welcome to Jump Rope for Joy – Jump rope workouts and skills, just for kids. It’s a platform where all kids can finally have their own place to do their exercise and challenge themselves to learn new skills.

If you’re looking for fun fitness videos for kids that they can do anywhere, anytime, Jump Rope for Joy has plenty of options. This easy-to-use program offers a Netflix style catalogue of videos for kids ages 6-12 years old, guided by Jump Rope Mom, who is mother of two, certified fitness trainer and former competitive jump roper.

Your kids can choose from:

  • 10 min jump rope workouts (with fun active breaks in-between)

  • 20 min jump rope HIIT style workouts

  • Learn beginner jump rope skills/tricks

  • Learn intermediate jump rope skills/ tricks

  • Lean advanced Jump rope skills/tricks


Kids then stream videos from anywhere you have internet and a screen to follow along. They will make fitness fun and provide a full body workout with fun, engaging, age-appropriate skills to learn.

Developed by Mom of 2, Certified fitness and jump rope coach, as well as former competitive jump roper. Jump Rope for Joy allows kids from 6-12 years to develop better physical and mental health from the comfort of their own home. With regular new video releases that your child will love and can always access their favorite exercise and wellness activities.

Check out our FREE videos HERE

For schools or families, check out our monthly subscription that consists of:

  • 8 NEW videos every month (2x a week)

  • 4 workouts videos and 4 jump rope tutorials videos that are fun to learn and will keep kids active and challenge them to learn new skills.



What are people saying about Jump Rope for Joy?

“My kids (9 & 6) are loving jumping rope at home. My 6 year old asks if she can do it each morning once she is ready for school. It’s great to see them enthusiastic at moving their bodies.” Sarah mom of 2.

“I cant believe how determined and excited my kids are at learning new jump rope skills. Who would of thought they would love jumping rope so much.” Mason, 8.and Jackson, 7

“My kids love the jump rope workouts. I find them throughout the day practicing jumping rope all over. They also love learning new skills. Perfect activity for home. They get so excited!” Rochelle, mom of 3

"My sons tennis coach told us to get him jumping rope for hand eye coordination. This has been perfect and he actually likes it" Raven, 8

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