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A one-hour class that covers the fundamentals of jumping rope, correct form, easy to follow techniques and skills to practice that you can add in your cardio or workouts.



To teach individuals of all levels how to jump rope properly and learn new skills that they can incorporate into their fitness routines right away.



Workshop Breakdown:

Jump Rope Fundamentals

  • Proper form

  • Shoes

  • Surface

  • Jump rope sizing


Jump rope basics and finding your natural rhythm

  • Shadow jumping

  • Basic bounce

  • Alternative step

  • Double side swings


Top 10 Jump Rope Cardio Skills

  1. Side Straddle

  2. Skier

  3. Twists

  4. Heel to heel

  5. Scissors

  6. Boxer shuffle

  7. Single side swings

  8. 180 turn

  9. Criss crosses

  10. Side swings criss cross


*Optional add EXTRA 30 min for Double Under Training (Pricing TBD)






FREE to host

$45 pp

$30 pp with purchase of Gratitude Jump Rope Set


(Minimum 4 people per 1 hour class or $200 flat fee)

30min outside of San Diego zip code 92024 are subject to travel fees.


Contact for pricing. 

Jump Rope Training Workshop

Hi! I’m Karly and stoked to meet you!

I help all backgrounds of jump rope enthusiasts become confident in jumping rope and adding it into their workouts.

As former competitive jump roper and current fitness trainer, I've been jumping rope for over 30 years and continue to teach and help coach jump rope in schools, judge for jump rope competitions, and have had over a million views on my IG and YouTube channel for my jump rope workouts and tutorial trainings. 


I’ve mastered how to break down the skills, timing, and make it fun and easy to learn for all levels of fitness and coordination. I’ve helped thousands gain confidence, learn new skills, and transform their fitness.

Karly Kent

Founder of Gratitude Ropes &

Creator of Gratitude Athletics Jump Rope Training Programs

About   Your Trainer

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