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10 minute beginner jump rope workout with bodyweight exercises

10 min jump rope workout with bodyweight exercises. This jump rope workout is perfect for beginners or intermediate. I’ll give you modifications for both so you can add the intensity and challenge yourself when needed. For extra calorie burn try using a weighted jump rope. You’ll burn more calories and recruit more muscles in less time.

Beginner tip- side swing ( as an active rest) anytime you feel gassed, catch your breath and start back up again. 45sec can be a long time to jump. Take breaks when needed and slowly build your endurance up.

As a former competitive Jump Roper and current Fitness Coach, I combine both of my passions to give you the BEST jump rope workouts and tutorials that are easy to learn and fun to do.

Workout Deets For Beginners:

1 min warm-up

45 sec jump rope basic bounce

45 sec Squats

45 sec jump rope basic bounce

45 sec curtsy lunge

1 min rest

45 sec jump rope basic bounce

45 sec Mtn Climbers

45 sec jump rope bacic bounce

45 sec alt. reverse lunges

Workout DEETS for Intermediate:

1 min warm-up

45 sec jump rope side straddle

45 sec jump squats

45 sec jump rope forward straddle

45 sec speed skaters

1 min rest

45 sec jump rope single leg

45 sec Mtn Climbers fast

45 sec jump rope high knees

45 sec jump lunges

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