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FAT burning 30 min jump rope home workout

Gettin DIRTY in THIRTY #jumpropeHIIT workout

Check out this Full body 30 min #jumpropeworkout to burn fat and tone your muscles with bodyweight exercises.

This workout is INTENSE and will burn MAJOR calories. But don’t worry, If you want to tone it down…I got modifications for you ;-)

We will be alternating between 1 min of jumping rope and 30 sec explosive bodyweight exercises. If you have we will be using all 3 weighed ropes; 1/8lb, 1/4lb and 1/2lb gradually adding intensity each set. #thatthestuff


🏃🏼‍♀️1 min warm up 

🔥1min jump rope 

💪🏻30sec squat jumps 

🔥1min jump rope 

💪🏻30sec inch worms 

Rest switch to 1/4 lb rope

🔥1min jump rope 

💪🏻30sec  alt. jump lunges 

🔥1min jump rope 

💪🏻30sec Sprinter Vups 

Rest switch to 1/2 lb rope

🔥1min jump rope 

💪🏻30sec pop pivots 

🔥1min jump rope 

💪🏻30sec plank Spider-Man 

Rest switch to 1/8 lb

repeat 2x 

10sec rest between each interval

Click the link above and come jump with me!

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