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Oxygen Magazine Jump Rope HIIT workout to lose weight at home.

Check out Oxygen magazine 18 minute jump rope HIIT workout at home. Burn fat and lose weight with this explosive workout using a jump rope and plyometric exercises. #jumpropehiit

HIIT workouts are short but intense. This workout is perfect for any busy person who wants to lose weight in minimal amount of time. Your metabolism will stay high during and after the workout. You'll burn fat for 24-48 hours after. #givemesomeofthat

Here are the deets;


-1 min Jumping Rope

-1 min Mtn. Climbers

-1 min Switch Kicks

-1 min Burpees

-1 min Jump Lunges

1 min REST Repeat x3

No jump rope, no problem. Jump in place ;-) You got this!

As a former competitive Jump Roper and current Fitness Coach, I combine both of my passions to give you the BEST jump rope workouts and tutorials!

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