Burn FAT at home with Resistance Bands and Jump Rope

BEST 20 minute home workout to burn fat using a jump rope and tone your body with resistance bands. Make your home workout FUN by switching it up! This is a 20 min HIIT workout that alternates between 1 min of jumping rope and 1 min of band exercises. 

Here are the deets:

Circuit 1-

1 min Jump rope with band

1 min glute bridge

1 min jump rope with band

1 min standing glute kickbacks

Circuit 2-

1 min jump rope with band

1 min lateral walks

1 min jump rope with band

1 min squats with leg lift

Circuit 3-

1 min jump rope with band

1 min fire hydrants

1 min jump rope with band

1 min donkey kicks

Circuit 4-

1 min jump rope with band

1 min plank jacks

1 min frontal walks

1 min jump rope with band

**1 min rest between each circuit.

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For the jump rope that I use you can purchase here:


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