12 minute jump rope ab workout to lose belly fat fast

Lose belly fat FAST with this High intensity jump rope workout for your ABS! This workout will BURN fat with the jump rope and sculpt your 6pack from all angles with my fav abs exercise. Basically, if you had an oreo cookie your abs will be the cream in the middle.;-) Let’s do this!

Here are the deets;

Basically, if you had an Oreo 🍪 your abs will be the cream in the middle. #goodness 😉 Let’s do this!💪🏻


🔥60 sec basic jump rope- 30 sec each:basic/alternate

🌬10 sec rest

🍪30 sec plank spider man

🍪30 sec plank hold

🌬10 sec rest

🔥60 sec jump rope- 30 sec each:basic/criss crosses

1 min REST

🔥60 sec jump rope -30 sec each:basic /side straddle

🌬10 sec rest

🍪30 sec sprinter sit ups

🍪30 sec heel taps

🌬10 sec rest

🔥60 sec jump rope- 30 sec each: basic / side swing 

1 min REST

🔥60 sec jump rope- 30 sec each: basic/single leg jumps

🌬10 sec rest

🍪30 sec plank leg lifts

🍪30 sec scissors

🌬10 sec rest

🔥60 sec jump rope- 30 sec each: basic/ double unders

DONE! Now click the link in bio and come 💦 with me! 💪🏻

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