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10 minute Jump Rope workout to 🔥 BURN fat and learn 🆕 NEW skills. Follow along🙋🏼‍♀️

👏🏻I’m keeping alllll 10 minutes of this workout SUPER rad by switching up the jump rope drills every 30 seconds. 🥳

👉🏼Starting with beginner skills and up to intermediate.

👊🏼For any skills you can’t do just sub basic bounce and you’ll still get your calorie burn on! 👌🏼


1min warm-up shadow jumping


🔥30sec basic bounce

🔥30sec side straddle

10sec rest

🔥30sec alternate foot

🔥30sec heel taps

10sec rest

🔥30sec basic bounce

🔥30sec skier

1min REST

🔥30sec boxer skip

🔥30sec boxer shuffle

10sec rest

🔥30sec scissors

🔥30sec twist

10sec rest

🔥30sec single leg

🔥30sec leg crosses

1 min REST

🔥30 sec double side swings

🔥30sec single side swings

10sec rest

🔥30 sec crosses

🔥30 sec side swing crosses

10sec rest



What I’m using:

➰Weighted Jump Ropes

➰Jump rope Mat @gratitudteropes

👉🏼Clink BELOW this workout and come jump with me!

As a former competitive Jump Roper and current Fitness Coach, I combine both of my passions to give you the BEST jump rope workouts and tutorials.

For more info on Gratitude Jump ropes. Check out this vid. ;-) or CLICK HERE to ORDER (comes with 1/8lb, 1/4lb and 1/2lb BONUS added weighted handles for extra 🔥)

**For the jump rope mat I used; Use promo code Gratitude25 for 25% off your first mat order. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so I can keep you jumping!

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