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Lift your Ladies jump rope workout with weights for upper body

LIFT your LADIES! With this jump rope workout to TONE your chest, arms and back.

Muscle tone….how do I get that? In a nutshell, “tone” is. Muscle – fat = tone.

#FACTS It’s building some degree of muscle and losing enough fat so that the muscle you’ve built becomes more visible.

Jumping rope will 100% help you BURN fat and the weighted exercise will help with muscle tone. However, your diet is on YOU. Keep that in check. I’m currently working with a nutritionist to come up with some meal plans for you all SOON. Stay tuned...

*You’ll want a light to medium set of dumbbells as we will be doing high reps in between 1 min of jumping rope.

💪🏼 Here are the deets;

1 min jump rope

30 sec chest press

10 sec rest

30 sec chest fly

10 sec rest

30 sec Pull over

10 sec rest

1 min jump rope

1 min REST

1 min jump rope

10 sec rest

30 sec bent over row

10 sec rest

30 sec wide row

10 sec rest

30 sec shoulder press

10 sec rest

1 min jump rope

1 min rest

1 min jump rope

10 sec rest

30 sec push ups

10 sec rest

30 sec tricep kick backs

10 sec rest

30 sec upright row

10 rest

1 min jump rope

**Repeat twice for 30 min workout

👩🏽‍⚕️As always, please consult with your physician before performing any type of exercises.

💪🏼For more intensity add a weighted jump rope. My favorite set is Get Lean from Crossropes. Use my link for a discount: and type the promo code: JUMPROPEMOM10 for 10% off at checkout. Enjoy! It will be the only rope you’ll ever need. :-)

For a discount on the MAT I always jump on use this link 😊 and type jumpropemom10 for a 10% discount on your purchase. It comes in several sizes. You’ll love it!

🏆As a former competitive Jump Roper and current Fitness Coach, I combine both of my passions to give you the BEST jump rope workouts and tutorials.

Be sure to subscribe to my channel so I can keep you jumping!

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