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Beginner full body jump rope workout low impact

😎Bringing the good VIBES and SWEAT 💦 to your home workouts with this 20 minute beginner full body #jumpropeworkout.

This is 👌🏻 for anyone just getting back into working out or any of my #postpartum mamas out there! 🤰🏻It’s gently yet effective using exercises that are generally safe for people with or repairing diastiati recit.

#Jumpingrope is a very low-impact exercise when done properly. 👆🏻As always, I’ll go over modifications to keep you safe and 💪🏻.


🔥30 sec skips alt. foot 

💪🏻8 Bird dog with weights 

💪🏻8 Fire hydrants with weights 

🔥30 sec skips alt. foot 


🔥30 sec skip alt. foot

💪🏻8 Pelvic tilts 

💪🏻Marching tilts 

🔥30 sec jumps


🔥30 sec skips alt. foot

💪🏻10 Dead bug 

💪🏻10 Heel taps

🔥30 sec skips atl. foot 


🔥30 sec skips alt. foot

💪🏻8 Sumo squats 

💪🏻8 Reverse lunges 

🔥30 sec skips alt. foot


🔥30 sec skips alt. foot

💪🏻8 Biceps curls to side 

💪🏻8 Frontal raise to lateral 

🔥30 sec alt. foot

Repeat 2x #HIITit

👩🏽‍⚕️As always, please consult with your physician before performing any type of exercises. 

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