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Women’s Health Magazine workout for abs

Next level ABS right here! Check out the latest workout from Women’s health magazine for 6 pack abs. Tone your abs from every angle with this epic core burner. This at home workout will tighten up your abs in all the right places thanks to the side leg lift plank. I also added in 2 minutes of jumping rope to burn fat and make this a full body 15 minute workout!

15 minute Workout Deets;

*1 min Jump Rope

*30 sec Left side plank with leg raise

*30 sec Right side plank with leg raise

*1 min Jump Rope

1 min REST

Repeat 4x

No jump rope no problem. Jump in place ;-) You got this!

As a former competitive Jump Roper and current Fitness Coach, I combine both of my passions to give you the BEST jump rope workouts and tutorials!

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