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Top 5 reasons why YOU should be using a WEIGHTED jump rope

#Jumprope 🏋🏼 Benefits of weighted jump ropes

1️⃣Learn Faster – Weighted jump ropes are great for beginners. The additional weight is easier to feel as the rope spins around your body, allowing you to time your jumps more easily.

2️⃣Upper Body Power 👉🏼The movement of rotating a heavy rope around your body builds power in your entire back, shoulders, and forearms.

3️⃣Shoulder development👉🏼Forces shoulders muscles to contract and stabilize in order to control movement in the extremities

4️⃣ Build Lean Muscle And Burn Fat 👉🏼Heavy ropes are more effective at building lean muscle and reducing body fat than regular ropes, by elevating your heart rate more, it leads to a greater calorie burn

5️⃣ Greater Muscle Engagement 👉🏼Jumping with a regular rope will work the shoulders, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. A heavy rope will work all of the above plus the triceps, forearms, and the rest of the back muscles.


Check out our favorite 3 in 1 weighted jump rope sets here. It's the only one you'll ever need. :-)

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