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Check your form jumping rope mistakes

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

⚠️Common Jump Rope Mistakes that you might be doing. #checkyourself #SAVETHIS

💡Thought I’d share some of these nuggets of wisdom with you all lovely humans.

These are the 🔝 8 common mistakes I see happen when I’m teaching or training #jumprope

1️⃣Using too light of a jump rope-For beginners they offer very little feedback which means you have absolutely no idea where the jump rope is while it's turning around your body. Which makes it hard to time your jumps.

2️⃣Jumping too high-often times I see either jumpers bringing their knees up high or tucking their feet behind them all in an effort to give more time for the rope to pass underneath.

3️⃣Not using your wrists to turn the rope- It’s common to see jumpers turning the rope with their elbows or shoulders. This is not only inefficient, but it is also excessively fatiguing which can lead to a lot of frustrating mistakes.

4️⃣Not wearing proper shoes- It’s important to wear shoes with good ankle and heel support especially if you have really flat or high arched feet.

5️⃣Arms too far out- Not only will this make your jump rope too short for you but you’ll fatigue faster and make it difficult to learn any jump rope tricks.

6️⃣No rest days- This can lead to injury if you’re pushing yourself too hard or doing too much too soon.

7️⃣Not sizing your jump rope properly- if the rope is too long or too short you will trip over it.

8️⃣Skipping warm-ups- Warm ups help prevent injury by getting your body ready to jump rope and make it feel easier. They can also help with mobility, blood flow and range of motion.

🤔Questions? Comment below. I’ll get back to each and everyone of you 🤗 #jumpropeLOVE

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