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Top10 exercises to repair Diastasis Recti at home.

Check out the top 10 BEST exercises to help repair Diastasis Recti. To treat Diastasis Recti, you must exercise targeting the deep abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor muscles. In this video, I demonstrate 10 gentle exercises that you can do at home to start repairing your abdominal muscles.

All you need for these exercises is a mat or a soft surface. Do these ten exercises starting with the rep count suggested, then repeat the sequence 2-3 times for a complete workout.

For best results, do these exercises consistently 3x per week. Skip any of these exercises that do not feel safe for you and instead focus on the ones that you feel are benefitting you the most.

1. Heel Drops- 10 reps each side, 2-3 sets

2. Pelvic Tilts- 10 -15 reps, Hold each rep up to 10 seconds, 2-3 sets

3. Heel Slides- 20 reps alternating feet, 2-3 sets

4. Glute Bridge March-10 reps total, 2-3 sets

5. Side Plank-10 reps each side, 2-3 sets

6. Dead Bug-20 reps total, 2-3 sets

7. Bird Dog- 20 reps total, 2-3 sets

8. Alternating leg lifts, 20 reps, 2-3 sets

9. Squats- 15-20 reps, 2-3 sets

10. Clamshell- 10-15 reps each leg, 2-3 sets

Determining Diastasis Recti

Start by lying flat on your back and placing one hand behind your head at the base of your skull and placing the other hand on your stomach just above the belly button

Using the support of your arm, gently lift your head up, chin to chest, keeping your shoulders on the ground. Using the hand on your stomach, take your fingers and gently press down into the mid line of your stomach, 1-2 inches above or below your belly button. A gap of two fingers or more is classified as Diastasis Recti.

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