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How your body changes once you start Jumping Rope

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

If you're complete beginner or a “re-starter”at getting in shape, you've probably seen someone you know jumping rope. It's been the "new" at home workout ever since the gyms closed. You must be wondering how jumping rope will impact you and your health. Well, I have some good news for you. Jumping rope will not only change your lifestyle but will also have some RAD health benefits that you’ll see and feel on your body from head to toe.

The next question is usually ‘how long does it take to see changes in body from Jumping rope?’. You might get surprised, but the benefits of exercising will start the day you pick up a jump rope. However; not all benefits will come at once.

Let’s look at the timeline of your body will change once you start Jumping rope!

🧠 Increased brain function-Jumping rope makes the body pump more blood to the muscles. This will increases the blood flow, which is beneficial for your brain.

😃 Boosted Mood- After your jump rope sesh your brain will release more endorphins, which will elevate your mood for the day.

🧍🏼👬Body fat reduction- fat storage will be better mobilized once you start jumping and you’ll start losing body fat.

🏃🏾Improved energy- After a couple of workouts, #mitochondria in your cells will increase rapidly making your energy production become more efficient.

💪🏻Changes in muscle mass- Both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers in your muscle cells will start to grow and your muscles will get stronger.

🙌🏽Increases metabolism- As a result of growing muscles and becoming fitter, your metabolic rate will also start to increase. Faster metabolism means burning more calorie at resting state as well.

❤️Heart size increase-your heart rate increases to pump more blood and increase oxygen circulation. After 6 months or so, your heart will grow in size from the more intense blood pumping.

🙇🏽‍♂️Stabliized mental health- Jumping rope will help reduce stress, anxiety and helps boost self-esteem.

🦴Improved bone health- Exercising and having a healthy weight can have a significant positive influence on your bone health. Weight-bearing exercises, like jumping rope are the best for your bones.

🤩Jumping rope becomes a habit- Leaving the most important one to the end, Jumping rope will not feel like an obligation anymore. After one year, you’ll finally start enjoying your workouts and maybe even become a little bit addicted.

💯Start your change here with our favorite jump rope set for mind and body!

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Danielle Linder
Danielle Linder
Mar 18, 2022

Hey Karly! Thanks for this awesome info! I do have one question for you... do you have research studies to back up these statistics? I'd be super interested in reading more details about these stats if you have the resources for them! Thanks so much! :)

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