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Competitive Jump Roper & Single Mom Launches Line of Gratitude Ropes to Bring Positive Change to

San Diego, CA, October 7, 2020 - Fitness Trainer, former Competitive Jump Roper, and single mom, Karly Kent, has set out on a mission to change the way people think about their fitness goals, bodies, and gratitude for life with the launch of her new line of Gratitude Jump Ropes.

With gyms closed and more people than ever working from home due to the pandemic, finding creative ways to stay active while maintaining a positive mindset, has been challenging. Add in trying to balance busy schedules, kids at home, and staying sane. It’s now more important than ever to find a sense of gratitude and grace in everyone’s daily lives.

We all know the benefits of physical exercise, but just as important, a gratitude mindset changes your perspective and daily actions to one of positivity, appreciation and being thankful for what you have - including your body, your circumstances, and your outlook on life.

“The first week of lockdown, I Iost my job, went through a divorce, had to sell my house and find a new home for my boys and I. All while trying to deal with the emotions, uncertainty and emptiness of our world. The ONLY thing that got me through it all was my jump rope and that lesson in gratitude.” Kent says.

With concerns about the health and safety, less social contact and connection, and the growing issue of depression and body confidence issues amidst everyone, Karly felt compelled to combine her talent and lesson in gratitude to help others understand and benefit from the mind-body-health connection.

Bringing her vision of her newly launched company to life, despite her recent divorce, managing her two young children and fitness coaching business, Gratitude Ropes was launched to bring gratitude and fitness to other busy moms, professionals, and anyone looking to up their fitness level, increase their happiness, and turn any place into a fitness training center that lets you workout according to your own terms.

“Thankfulness is a key to happiness. When you start appreciating every single milestone that you achieve in your life, you start feeling better and positive. With gratitude in your hands, you can achieve not only the fitness level you want, but a mindset that will impact all areas of your life.” Kent says.

From freestyle jumping to intense calorie burning workouts, the jump ropes are a 3-in-1 seamless interlocking system, with three different weights of ropes and the handles that are engraved with “gratitude” to serve as a daily reminder to give thanks. Kent shares regular jump rope workouts and contagious positive spirit on her social media, with easy-to-follow jump rope tutorials. Gratitude Ropes can be purchased at​. Connect with Karly on her ​Instagram​ and ​Youtube​ channels. ********************** ABOUT KARLY KENT Karly Kent, a former competitive jump roper, certified fitness coach, and single mom of two, turned her childhood passion into a mission to help others get fit while finding gratitude and appreciation for life. Knowing the challenges many have between tough training sessions, heavy workouts, diet goals, and everyday life, Karly knows first hand how striving for our fitness and life goals can make us take our achievements, body, and current lives for granted. Karly teaches others how to jump rope, get fit and stay active no matter where your fitness level is at, while finding gratitude in the journey.


With a mission to help others find gratitude while on their journey to their fitness goals, and experience the mind-body connection that leaves a long lasting positive effect, Gratitude Ropes was created by fitness enthusiast, trainer and former competitive jump roper, Karly Kent.

For more information, please contact ​​. To find more about Gratitude Ropes, visit ​​.


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