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Common Jump Rope Injuries and How to Prevent Them

⚠️Common Jump Rope Injuries and how to avoid them 👆🏼SAVETHIS for reference if you #jumprope 💯

Yes injuries happen 🤬 but there are several things you can do to prevent them 🤗

Here are the common ❌Causes and ✅solutions👇🏼

Shin Splints-

❌Jumping too much too soon

✅ Start slow and gradually build your duration up

Plantar Fasciitis-

❌Straining the ligament that supports the arch of you foot

✅Wear a good supportive training shoe or inserts

Achilles Tendonitis-

❌Sudden increase in intensity and duration of jumping rope

✅Start with short intervals and slowly work your way up over time

Hamstring Stain-

❌Not warming up or stretching before jumping rope

✅Start with dynamic stretches or light warm-up before jumping

Calf Muscle strain-

❌Overextention of the calf muscle beyond it’s time

✅Listen to your body and stop before it becomes sore

Patellofemoral Pain-

❌Injury or overuse that causes wearing down, roughening or softening of the carriage under the kneecap

✅Use a jump rope mat to adsorb impact and shoes that have extra padding

IT Band-

❌Wearing worn out shoes or jumping too much before you’re ready.

✅Make sure your shoes still absorb shock and use a mat

Lower back-

❌Tightening of the piriformis muscle over the sciatic nerve

✅Make sure you’re jumping with proper form and use a mat

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Hope this helps! Happy jumping 🤗


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