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You’re here!! Which means you are ready to get back in shape or get back your pre-baby bod back.

It doesn't matter how old you are, it’s never too late and the fact that you clicked here tells me you’re not quitter. You will get your body back…


So forget the babysitter, personal trainers or gym memberships. Heck, your kids might even want to do this with you (or at the very least you’ll entertain them.) 


After my second son, I was desperate to find a way to get fit around the house. I had no one to watch them and a babysitter was not in our budget. So I was looking for a workout that would


  • Burn fat while building muscle so I didn’t need to lift weights

  • A workout that I could do anywhere, at home or at the park

  • Something that would challenge me enough to get results but doable at home with my kids

  • A routine I would actually enjoy so I wouldn’t get bored and quit after few days


If that sounds like you, get ready to transform more than just your body!


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My Story

The best home fitness equipment that will help you stretch, strengthen, and you can sweat on your own schedule, free of crowds, take up no space, and cost efficient is none other than something you probably did and your kids might be doing now… JUMPING ROPE! 


But not just any rope. If you want to use it for fitness and take you body to the next level you’ll want to get a weighted jump rope where you can switch up your resistance to burn more fat (cardio) and build muscle strength. 


3 years ago, I discovered this workout and it transformed my body and mind. So much so, that I because a certified fitness training and launched my online of finites jump ropes called Gratitude Ropes. I know 100% it will change you body and help ease the stress of out day to day lives. Check out my ropes here and be sure to subside to all my free workouts and tutorials. Anyone can start this workout. You don’t need to be coordinated or worry about peeing your pants. I’ll help you with each jump! 


Get started today! 

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